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Navana Limited Started its Journey on 20th April 1964. This was the beginning of her long partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation. Before 1964, Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) vehicle market was dominated by European and American brands like Volkswagen, General Motors, and Ford etc. With the introduction of Toyota Corona in 1964, European and American models gradually started losing their share. This started the Japanese car era in this market. The market gradually moved away from European and American cars and the Japanese cars reigned supreme with Toyota at the top. Navana Limited was a part of Islam Group till 1996. During this time Navana became a Brand synonymous with quality product and services. In 1996 Navana Limited separated from Islam Group and became the corner stone and namesake of Navana Group. Now Navana Limited caters to the premium client group with dedication to quality and placing customer’s peace of mind as the top priority. Navana Limited’s client group includes Multinational & Govt. Organizations, NGOs, and Diplomatic Missions & Society elites. Navana Limited will continue to strive to become the customer’s first choice for Automobile Products and Services.




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. Toyota After Sales Service
. Hino Commercial Vehicles
. Industrial Equipment
. Hino Commercial Vehicle Service Center


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