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Navana Construction Ltd. (NCL) is a well reputed self contained in manpower, equipment and finance, construction company and a corporate of Navana Group. They have supervised and successfully completed projects related to roads and highways, embankments, sites and services projects, low and high rise apartment complex, commercial buildings, physical infrastructures of industrial concerns, institutional buildings with complexities, like University Campus, Hospitals, Banks etc. and also works of Airports, Railways in the country and abroad during last 35 years. Navana Construction Limited (NCL) comprises in its nominal roll highly qualified and experienced engineers of different disciplines, efficient diploma holders, technicians and skilled labors.
The chronicle of Navana Real Estate Ltd. (NREL) is a glorious history to be told. It is a history of one and half year's decade of innovation, intelligence and indomitable industrious approach. NREL has been most successful in bringing design shift in the building construction. With rigorous scientific and technical knowhow and continuous innovation, NREL is racing ahead to fulfill the ever increasing need and demand of the prospective buyers of the metropolis.